Terms and Conditions

This page summarises Sensus basic terms and conditions

This page summarises Sensus basic terms and conditions

Invoicing happens on an ongoing basis at the end of each month. However, smaller assignments that are completed in the current month will be invoiced upon delivery. Punch cards are pre-invoiced. Invoicing, which only covers purchases made on behalf of a customer (e.g., airline tickets, software, hardware) and which is invoiced at the purchase price, an administration fee of DKK 550 is added to cover costs in connection with invoice handling.


The payment terms are net cash. For payments later than 3 weeks from the invoice date, monthly interest of 2% of the amount due is calculated. Any reminder letters will be subject to a fee of DKK 250. Payment must be made in Danish kroner to Sensus’ bank account.

Travel activities

For travel activities, the actual costs (train, ferry, plane, hotel, catering) or the State’s current tariffs for driving in a private car are invoiced. In addition, the actual time consumption is invoiced according to the current hourly rate.


Sensus keeps all information and all material that may come into the company’s possession in connection with the performance of work tasks confidential. Sensus does not pass on such information, including customers’ identities, without prior written agreement with the customer.

Tests outside our office

Accessibility tests, browser tests and other testing activities that cannot be carried out from Sensus ‘address and/or using Sensus’ own equipment, there will be added an additional cost of 50%.


Sensus reserves the right to use internal and external resources, including subcontractors, to perform work tasks. External partners are subject to these standard conditions.


The above terms and conditions apply unless there is another written agreement between the parties.

SE number

Sensus SE / CVR number is DK