Braille Solutions

We are Braille Specialists

We are Braille Specialists

At Sensus, we are specialised in Braille. Through the years, we have developed various braille solutions aimed at everything from individual to institutional use. We also provide quality control and offer advice on Braille and Braille systems.

Sensus offers text to Braille conversion in various languages and can also produce and emboss textual material into the final product.

Sensus ForkBra2

Sensus ForkBra2 is a Braille conversion software that can convert and format documents to Braille.

Sensus ForkBra2 supports Braille in Danish, British English, American English, German, and Norwegian.

Sensus Braille 4

Sensus Braille 4 (SB4) is a translation library in which text can be translated into braille.

Braille 4 supports a wide range of languages and abbreviation levels and can be easily integrated into other solutions. Sensus Braille 4 is used as a braille translator in multiple solutions such as the RoboBraille service, AutoBraille from NOTA, NorBraille from the Norwegian Library for the Blind (NLB), SCRIBE from Stanford University, Sensus ForkBra2 Pronto – and PacMate devices in Denmark. Sensus Braille 4 is also used to produce bank statements in Braille for Danske Bank. Sensus Braille 4 is available as a library in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Sensus PharmaBraille

Sensus PharmaBraille is an email-based solution for companies that produce packaging for pharmaceutical products. Following the EU Directive 2001/83 / EC, as amended by Directive 2004/27 / EC, Article 56a, the name and strength of medicinal products must also appear on the packaging in braille.

OctBraille Fonts

Quality-assured Braille

There are continuingly higher demands for the quality of medical products and their packaging. With the EU Directive 2001/83 / EC, it became a requirement to state the name and strength of the product in Braille on the packaging. To comply with that, the TrueType OctoBraille font OctoBrailleMM and OctoBrailleVisualMM are excellent tools.


Octobraille MM braille


Octobraille Visual MM braille


The OctoBraille fountain complies with the Marburg Medium standard recommended by the European Commission for the production of Braille.

OctoBrailleMM and OctoBrailleVisualMM are based on ISO8859-1 character set also known as Latin 1 or Windows Codepage 1252. The fonts contain all 256 Braille characters in the 8-dot figure and thus also the 64 standard Braille characters in the 6-dot system.
The fonts were originally developed for the MS Windows platform but have also been tested on the Apple Macintosh OS X platform.

Prices and business conditions

OctoBraille is available for purchase at Sensus ApS.

When purchasing a license, an unlimited number of employees in a legal entity (a company, institution, NGO, individual, etc.) can use the font without user restriction. The user -rights only apply to the individual legal entity. Thus, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, subcontractors and the like are not covered by the license.

The user rights include the right to incorporate OctoBraille in any graphic representation, e.g., PDF files.

Purchase of OctoBraille

If you are interested in buying one or both OctoBraille fonts, simply send an e-mail to with the name of the desired font, company name, address and possibly VAT number.

Braille Embossing

Sensus can produce and emboss Braille material on paper.

Sensus offers to emboss anything from books, pamphlets, course programmes to postcards, menus, signs as well as a wide range of other materials.

Textual material that needs to be converted and embossed into Braille must be properly prepared to result in good quality output for the Braille reader. Sensus offers to undertake the entire process to ensure the best result for your Braille material

We reserve the right to make typos and incorrect pricing.

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